Well helloooooooo everybooodddyyy!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes it is I, Christopher Williams. Or Chris or InStereo28, or big man or big dog or whomever. For those about to rock, for those about to read this blog, for those who even give a damn, I salute and thank you.

As you can obviously see, this is my first blog post in damn near a year. So why so long without a post you say? Well…

There’s this thing called depression and another thing called enthusiasm, which in terms of all things music is everything to me, but sometimes life comes at you kind of hard and there are several things to juggle and tend to which can be stressful and keep you in a loop of the mundane, but with all of that, preoccupation can be good, as progress in a day to day schedule and or strive to reach a personal goal can be rewarding.

So all in all, it hasn’t been bad and dumpy and some great things have happened.

What matters now though is the future and the goals that are close to being reached.

Focus, focus, focus.

Since the last post I’ve moved to LA and locked down a great job and while it’s not in my field of work/interest, it involves and revolves around doing something I really love and enjoy, which is helping others.

The truth is I really love music and enjoy it too. First and foremost to be exact. In addition to the new job, I started school again too. At the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, I began the Music Business Certificate Program in January 2016.

In the midst of a very busy work schedule and other personal matters to attend to, I was able to knock out four classes with the passing grade of A. YES YES!! So yes, some great thing have happened.

At the time of me typing this, I’ll be finishing up the program in the fall season. Like maybe late fall to be honest.

Taking classes at this great school is the main reason I came to this city. Plus, the opportunities in the music business itself out here are endless. Like they say, it’s who you know not what you know. Well to be very clear and honest, as my Business Writing teacher said, it’s who you know, what you know and who knows you. Damn right. Damn straight. Straight up. Amen.

Now on to important things and why I do this (write this blog, breathe, eat, get up in the morning, etc.) Music. Oh my God…so much to discuss…so much that happened in the last year in music. Oh mannnn. Yes a lot has occurred. So much that I’m not going to talk about it all and you don’t need me to, because I’ve been MIA for a year LMAO!

A few things I can talk about and will talk about though. As follows…

In addition to amazing albums and videos and records released since May 2015, I myself finally put out something.

Outage was and is my only release under the moniker/name InStereo28. It was released on iTunes on December 4th 2015 and later added to Apple Music for those who wanted to stream it.

Many friends heard and or supported and bought a copy and I was stoked about it all and I greatly appreciate everyone who supported it in any way.

Now I want to address a couple of things in regards to the release. I enjoyed the EP and the genre bending and styles of the music of Outage but the mixing and some of the beats could have been better I felt, especially the mixing. The thing is that it’s already out and there so that’s that. Will there be a follow up? Ehhh maybe so or maybe not. However, I’m glad I put out something at least.

In regards to what’s next, musically speaking, a new project with a name, song titles and debut single and artwork and EP title are coming soon in the coming month.

As I will continue to always discuss all things music related from my favorite artists, bands, upcoming albums, music news, opinionated posts, reviews, photos etc., the majority of everything upcoming will be for the upcoming project I’m unveiling.

With that said, I’m looking forward to the rest of the year being super productive and exciting. The future is bright. Go buy some music. Please.

Will be back next week! Peace!





Dimmu Borgir-Gateways

  Starting the week off with this! Yep. Bruh, It’s been almost five years since Abrahadabra was released. It’s time for the Norwegian masters to return with new music this year! Last I heard, they were back in the studio writing for a new album. Hopefully we get it in 2015! Until then, this will be blasted loudly! \m/