A jam-packed weekend!

Hey, it’s a lot going on this weekend. First off, it’s a Classic Weekend in Orlando and that means there’s gonna be some live shows, including one which I’m kinda upset that I missed last night. Meek Mill, Juelz Santana and MGK at Club Firestone. Ummm…there was no promo for this really. I mean, I saw a couple of commercials for Meek performing at Club Vain, but as for the previously mentioned lineup, I didn’t hear about that until scrolling through Twitter last night and seeing a tweet from Juelz that read something like: “Orlando!, catch me, Meek Mill and MGK tonight at Club Firestone!” The fuck??!!. I was tired of course from a long and enduring work week but damn. That’s not bad lineup at all. I didn’t see anything on Club Firestone’s Facebook page either until last night either. Oh well.

As for the rest of this weekend, there will be an apperance/performance from the band HAIM on SNL. I have to say  something…I think I found another jewel. On break at work earlier this week, I read the new issue of Rolling Stone with Lou Reed on the cover (Rest In Peace to the legend) and came across an article on the band HAIM. The story was about how the band started in the Valley and how they are the next best thing in rock/pop. The band which consists of Alana Haim, Danielle Haim and Este Haim  have been getting a lot of acclaim from music critics and other fellow musicians, thanks to their new album Days Are Gone. I of course had to hear something, so I went to iTunes and checked out some songs and was very impressed. For one thing, the title track was co written by Jessie Ware and her collaborator Kid Harpoon, so I was really interested after finding that out and the video for The Wire is really good and funny too. I haven’t heard the entire album but I picked it up yesterday and I’m gonna give it a listen and check them out on SNL.

For the rest of the weekend, on Sunday, Trivium and Devildriver along with Thy Will Be Done and After The Burial will be performing at the House Of Blues and it is going to be absolutely amazing. I already know. That’s it.

Also on Sunday the 41st American Music Awards will be taking place in Los Angeles and airing on ABC and it looks to be a promising show. Performances from Justin Timberlake, GaGa and R.Kelly, Kendrick Lamar and Miley Cyrus just to name a few. Plus, Rihanna is supposed to be receiving an Icon Award or something like that. This will be an interesting and entertaining show for sure, so tune in!

November hasn’t been to shabby. The highlight was a couple of nights ago when I got to check out The Smokers Club tour stop at the Beacham. At first I thought Ab-Soul ( who put on a super energetic performance) was headlining this thing but it was Joey Badass and Pro-Era who closed out the show with incredible energy that made me feel like I was at a mid to late 90s East coast Hip Hop show. Very awesome and dope.  Looking forward to this young man’s debut album B4.DA. $$ next year. That title is one of the most clever album titles ever.

Alright folks that’s it for this month. December is the month for the Grammy Nominations concert and of course I am very eager to see how this turns out, as this has been an excellent year for music I feel. Also I’m revealing my Top 20 Mixtapes and Top 25 Albums of 2013 as well as sharing some music from the instrumental mixtape that I will be releasing in Winter 2014. Oh yes. Actual music. Be safe, blast some tunes and spread love! See you in December!


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