To Reach The Goal

Holy shit. I have three months left to be in the program for Recording Arts at Full Sail University. What’s good about these the last few classes is the fact that they are very very music based. What I mean is that they deal with the step by step focus on what is, in some cases but not all cases, the process of writing, recording, producing, engineering, mixing and of course mastering a project to be released into the public. As a nerd of music in the context of not only just a listener and die hard fan but as one who actively participates in the process of producing and writing, I am truly and absolutely looking forward to these final months.

The three part final Full Sail Recording Arts trilogy ( yes it is that damn serious to me) consists of the courses Music Production and Arrangement, Advanced Session Recording and Digital Mastering. MPA ( Music Production and Arrangement) is a class I’ve been looking forward to taking since I saw it in the 2010 catalog or that big orange booklet that I received in like late 2009 I think. Yes folks. This journey goes back some while ago. I’ll discuss more of that during the final months of classes though.

I got another detailed blog about Auris and my thoughts on some of my favorite albums of the year so far coming before the end of the month. Until then, blast some tunes! Peace.


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