Grammy Day And Grammy Night

Oh my god. It’s a new year. I’m gonna be clear about things. Straight up. 2014 was kinda rough for me. Now I’m not complaining at all but the year had its challenges.

Overall though, goals were met and I’m still alive. Very grateful for that.

Now for this year. I’m excited. I honestly think 2015 is going to be one of the best years in music and I mean that all around and overall. There is this feeling in the air, that I humbly feel by the way, that everybody will come out with their, his or her best work to date. Is that a stretch or reach to say that? Maybe. I’m hopeful though.

Let me explain my reasons for feeling this way. After the industry’s worst year for record sales since Nielsen Soundscan’s inception in 1991, which was reported in mid October 2014, there has to be some kind of pressure, not necessarily to sell millions of albums and records, but to deliver. Like truly fucking deliver. That includes myself.

My work displayed thus far, other than beats sent off to different artists, has been just very ok in my opinion. Very very ok. Not counting the remix/instrumental I did to Katy Perry’s This Is How We Do or my remix to Chromeo’s Jealous (I Ain’t With It. I humbly and let me highly stress, humbly, like and enjoy the work I did with those.

We all want other people, whether it be friends, family, artists, potential and or current clients to love the work we do but if the creator enjoys his or her art or whatever work it may be, that’s a great thing.

Alright, now to something else, something I like, love, respect, revere and all of that.

The Grammys. Oh Yes. I have coined the event as what I feel is the Super Bowl Of Music. Yes I feel that way. I mean seriously. Come on. There is no other event with this much prestige for damn near everyone in the business. That goes for artists, producers, engineers (Record Of The Year is what and whom this represents mostly), new artists, songwriters etc. It’s all very important for the music industry and I strongly feel that it should be viewed as such. Even if the Grammys aren’t your “thing”, it’s importance and relevance should be respected. I mean what the hell…everyone loves and adores the Oscars and the Film Academy in general with no problem even if their favorite films get snubbed. I’m just saying…The Grammys are relevant and important too.

Now about the nominations. I’m just gonna jump straight to it and say how I feel about the category, as it was one I anticipated for a year. Up for the most coveted award of the ceremony is Beyonce’s self titled masterpiece, Beck’s Morning Phase, Pharell’s Girl, Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour and Ed Sheeran’s X. Not a bad lineup and category because all of the albums here are incredible and amazing. I wanted something different though. Ever since hearing Katy Perry’s phenomenal album, Prism and late October 2013, I surely thought she would get several nominations and especially one in this category. Sighhhh….damn. Oh well. Prism has a nomination in the Best Traditional Pop Vocal album category but it is some heavy competition in that category so I don’t know. Plus Dark Horse with Juicy J scored a Best Pop Duo/Group Performance so that’s really good. I just felt that album should’ve got more recognition.

Another really good and interesting category for the ceremony this year is the Best New Artist category. Alright…bruh…for real. No nominations for Jessie Ware or Jhene Aiko??? I’m not complaining about the nominees cause it’s really a dope lineup and while I’m glad Haim got nominated I believe that Sam Smith is gonna take that, but it’s that I thought Jessie and Jhene made their presences felt very decently in late 2013 and all of 2014 (See Jessie Ware’s captivating vocal performance on Nicki Minaj’s The Crying Game from The Pinkprint). I just feel overall Jessie Ware’s success in the United States should be way better. Not so much in sales or anything like that but in terms of popularity. Much bigger. That’s another topic though.

The rap and hip hop categories are very good this year I feel. Iggy Azalea’s Fancy with Charli XCX should win for Best Rap Song simply because the song is dope as hell, it was everywhere, and that’s it. Despite what you, your friends, critics, the people on the bus, down the street, on Twitter, etc. feel about Iggy, you can’t deny that song. Straight up. I’m glad Drake’s 0 To 100/The Catch Up was nominated because I personally thought that was one of his strongest songs ever. Especially that unbelievable ending with that James Blake “Could it be the way that I will catch up” sample. Man I’m getting chills thinking about it now lol. Now for the Best Rap Album Category I pray that Common’s Nobody’s Smiling should win just for the sake of its pure and sheer relevance. I won’t be upset if Eminem’s MMLP2 wins though. That’s all I will say about that.

The list of performers though. Have y’all seen this yet? It’s gonna be Beyonce with Common and John Legend, Ariana Grande, AC/DC (they better not interrupt this performance), Ed Sheeran, Eric Church, Madonna, Kanye West with Rihanna and Sir Paul McCartney (yes you read that right), Mary J. Blige with Sam Smith and several other performers too!! It’s gonna be an awesome evening for sure. One more thing though…there is a category for Best Album Packaging. It’s been there for many years but it made me think, if the Grammy board and committee and voters can bring that into the process and ceremony, it’s beyond time for a category for Best Metal Album. Not Best Metal Performance. I mean an entire category of about five rifftastic metal albums. The voters would have to listen to each one entirely. Obviously I see no problem with this.

Regardless of who and what should have been nominated, at the beginning and end of the day, it’s all about the music. I promise that was not some slick plug for this blog/site . I promise lol. It really is all about the music though and that what makes the Grammys special. Very special. For music’s sake, for the sake of having a healthy or heated debate about the nominations and or the show itself, I believe you all should tune in. It’s all about the music.

The 57th Annual Grammy Awards will be airing tonight from the Los Angeles Staples Center February 8th 2015 at 8PM/7PMc on CBS!!


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