Mally King-Born (R.E.L.E. Since 1988)

Maryland native, Mally King returns with the new mixtape Born (R.E.L.E. Since 1988) and continues with the scope of the Legenda (one of my favorite tapes from 2014 and which included the spectacular verse on Sanctuary) tape from 2014 but more of an album kind of feel. Dedicated to and inspired by close friend Mic Ave, Mally’s delivery is somber and emotional and can kind of come across unfocused at times but when he’s direct, he’s direct.  Throughout Born are several skits with Mic Ave and inspiring quotes from rap legends Jay-Z, Kanye West and 2Pac. These all add to the overall approach of the tape and it works.

Highlights include Blunted, Fallen Soldier, Let Me Go and You Don’t Have To Understand which features a great performance from Triple S singer Sierra Carter who also makes another appearance on the aforementioned Fallen Soldier. Other Triple S members appear throughout the project and give it a unified vibe, especially on So High, Cold Breeze Remix and A.I.D.A. Production wise, Born carries modern rap textures across murky chords and samples that are very whip friendly (see Cash feat. JSmooth and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Ending the entire Born mixtape with an outro featuring Mic Ave completes everything in a touching way but leaves you definelty excited for Mally King’s next project.

Download Mally King’s Born (R.E.L.E. Since 1988) here at DatPiff!!00 - Mally_King_Born_rele_Since_1988-front-large


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